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BitcoinSV San Francisco

NODE 1011 Kearny St · San Francisco, CA

October 29, 2019
07:00PM to 09:00PM


Details Chris will present 'run' a platform that enables developers to build interactive objects named 'Jigs' on Bitcoin! From the tutorial: run is a software development kit (SDK) and protocol enabling arbitrary code to run on Bitcoin. Developers can write applications with interactive objects, called jigs. Jigs allow you to build almost anything you can dream up: tokens, contracts, interfaces, elections, games, digital pets, and more — all run on Bitcoin. run supports full object-oriented programming and anonymous functions using JavaScript. run is secure and performant for real applications today. Pizza and drinks will be provided! --- Find us at: How to find us Please call or text 678-628-1507 in order for us to come down and let you in if the door is locked. If you are able to enter the door, the venue is directly upstairs.